Chinese ceramic stools history & uses

Lately, barrel-shaped porcelain or ceramic stools have been seen adorning many rooms, adding a touch of orient to our living spaces.  Some have used it simply as a decorative items, others have used it as quirky side tables.  Others have added a glass top or table top over it to erect a table full of character.  Its uses are as much as your imagination allows. 


Originating from ancient China, these ceramic stools were traditionally used as garden stools.  They have been around for at least 1,000 years.  Though mainly used in the landscaped gardens, they started to be used indoors from the beginning of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).  The material in which they were used to make these stools varied from stone, wood, glazed stoneware and later on porcelain.  Oftentimes, our modern day ceramic stools come with simulated nailheads around the upper and lower part of the barrel form.  These came about mimicking the ancient wooden chinese drums which had top and bottom skins stretched over and affixed with nails.


Such versatility and elegance, no wonder stylists everywhere have been found using these stools to beautify a living space.  Here are some ideas on how to utilize these stools in your home:

Ceramic stool table

As an outdoor table.


 In the bathroom where splashes of water abound.


In living room as a decorative side table.


 As beautiful and elegant chairs.

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