4 Dining Room Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

The dining table is the statement piece and focal point of the dining room. It is definitely a very very important piece of your furniture in the home. No matter where it is located, joined with the living room, near the kitchen or balcony, the dining table is a formal piece where family and friend gather for a simple dinner or party entertainment. 

If you are reading this, you are probably looking to improve your current dining area or purchasing for your new home. While looking through pinterest for insta-worthy styling, consider the functionality and durability as well... obviously it is not just for a photoshoot. Here's what you should take note of before buying the table that fits your style and apartment. Don't live the next few years in regret and not loving your home as much as you should.


Your dining table should be 1 of the main furniture pieces in your home that you need to invest on. It's importance is comparable to a Sofa where you spend so much time on. The dining table also has to endure constant spillage, scratching and also be easily sanitised as possible. In recent times, more and more inventions of durable table top surfaces are available so don't be stuck on the traditional surfaces before exploring these new options. 

It will be a hard decision to make with durability vs. aesthetic  vs. price, so do your research to get the biggest bang for your buck. Below are some popular options.


Sintered Stone

Sintering is the process of mixing different materials using heat and creating a solid slab. This is done without chemicals or sealers making it safe for food prep and general health. Traditional surfaces like granite, quartz and marble require high maintenance and yearly sealing. This is not required for Sintered Stone as it is waterproof, non-porous and does not need any sealing.

Source: Nook and Cranny Singapore


Super Stone

Super Stone surfaces are non-porous or waterproof so they can be wiped clean very easily. It is suitable for outdoors so this will give you a sense of how durable it is. 


Cultured Marble 

Cultured Marble is a popular choice as it low maintenance comparing to natural Marble. Being a nonporous material, it can be easily cleaned whilst still look almost identical to natural Marble. Honestly, it looks just like the real thing but better! 

Source: Nook and Cranny Singapore



Glass is a great option to create a clean and spacious look. Although it may not be ideal if you have young kids who love climbing on top of tables. Glass does scratch and neat cleaning regularly to get rid of those awful finger marks. 


Outdoor Wooden Tables for indoor

Traditional wooden table absorbs water which means a coaster is always needed if you can't stand water ring marks on your furniture. If you love the wooden look, ensure that it has a sealant that makes a somewhat water-resistant. To be safe, you can opt for wooden outdoor furniture which should already have a layer of sealant on top. 


Source: Nook and Cranny Singapore




Even if you may have only 2 people living in your home, being prepared for guests is a must. Go for round tables if you have a small space so no corners are wasted space. If you opt for a rectangular table, get the biggest that your space allows or get an extendable table. Small furniture tend to look cluttered within a space and also unnecessary empty spaces makes the home look cold and sparse. 





The style theme is also just as important to ensure that the home flows seamlessly. Matching the right table with the right chairs can be difficult but keep in mind to have same materials for the legs of the table and chairs. If you are keen to have mix and match chairs, keep within the colour palette. 

Source: Nook and Cranny Showroom Changi



Add a buffet credenza near the dining table to store fancy dinnerware and other items that are used often at the dining table. It's also a great place to display a feast spread when entertaining guests in your home. 

A credenza or sideboard is a functional yet beautiful storage to reflect your style. 


Choose a dining room furniture is such an important task at home.  Dining area is where you will spend a significant amount of time in.  Chatting with your loved ones, entertaining friends or even a place to study or to do your work.  Your dining room furniture needs to be durable, easy to maintain while at the same time a delight to behold. 
Browse through our dining room furniture collections for evergreen quality designs.  Do you need to a compact table into your dining area?  Or are you looking for a flexibility of an extendable table, we have them all.  We love sleek designs which will not lose its charm over the years, each dining collection is lovingly selected to ensure comfort, durability at good value to you, our customers.  
Look out for our industrial dining collection - the city and atelier range, provide that fine touch of fashion and practicality.  If solid wood is your preference, we use variety of wood to produce the lovely furniture we offer, ranging from the everlasting acacia wood to the abundant yet strong rubber wood.  
Complete your collection with the buffet sideboard, use it as a buffet line display or simply as a storage solution.  Browse through our dining room furniture collection for easy to match pieces that will be a cherished "family" in your home.  



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