Boho Chic Style for your Home

Tips on How to Create a Boho Chic Style

The Boho Style is a popular style sought after by over these few years. It is also on of the easiest to achieve as you can pick and choose furniture and decor pieces from all just about anywhere!
The Boho style is a look that is influenced by bohemian and 70's/80's hippie culture, for a down-to-earth and free-spirited vibe. Imperfections are appreciated. 
This style combines an eclectic variety of creativity and culture. Here's some tips to start on creating a Boho home

Use Natural Materials for Decor & Furniture

Wood, stone, leather, fur are great choice to have in your boho  style home. Avoid modern materials like plastic if possible. Naturals materials stand the test of time and some even get better with time so you are able to past it down to future generations so it is important that you look for high quality furniture. 

Add Plenty of Greens

Accessorising is simple! Add plenty of plants in your home bringing the outdoors in. If you are lacking the green thumb, opt for realistic looking faux plants or easy-care plants like cacti and air-plants! Get creative with the plant pots.

Bold Colours & Vintage Pieces

Add an array of bold colours to liven up the space. Look for Vintage furniture with bold colours! What a win! For smaller decor pieces, consider bright patterned cushions and decors, you can even display souvenirs from your travels that may be collecting dust in your cupboards. 
Your living room is the place within your homes where you spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved ones.  Thus, a sofa being one of the largest piece of furniture in that space has so much to offer. After a long day, sink right into your sofa for some home entertainment to unwind or simply catch a short nap.  This is a place where memories are built, wiping a tear from a moving scene in a sitcom, sharing a cuddle with the little ones or enjoying an intimate bonding time with your loved ones, all built around the sofa!
Choose a sofa that is fits into all occasions, private moments or social occasions.  Sofa that relaxes you, putting you straight into the chilling mood with a favourite book in hand, soothing music at the background, cushions lining your sides.  Sofa that easily transforms your peaceful sanctuary into lively entertaining area for your guests, making them feel right at home.  
Comfort and style are essential in making this space a treasured abode, a place that reflects your unique individuality.  Choose from our wide range of sofa styles, fabric or leather selections, ever ready to meet your distinct needs.  Have them with a storage solution to optimise your precious living space, declutter your home with clever hidden storage space.  
You may also want to pick out other pieces of furniture or accessories to match them to your sofa.  A coffee table or perhaps a TV console will go well together.  Fabric and leather sofas are pretty versatile, you can match them to other furniture of different materials to create a different look or theme for your living space.
Doors are open for you to come by and have a look and feel of the sofa in person before deciding what you would like to own, visit us today.  Stylish furniture at great value, delivered within Singapore right to your doorstep with the click of a mouse is promised.
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