Candles and how to use them effectively.

So you've gotten your candles and are ready to lit them for a soothing romantic night.  However just how should you use and maintain your candles nicely.  It is after all a neat investment you've just made.

Burn the candles long enough

One of the perils of using candle is that you may feel that the candle is not usable after a while as it doesn't keep its shape and look unsightly.  Those built up of candles at the corner of the candles are memory rings.  

Memory ring candles

Avoid having those by burning the candles long enough till all the surface wax has melted.  Thus in choosing the candles to purchase, you might want to consider the size of the candles and how you are to use it.  If it's meant to scent the bathroom all day long, a big candle will be economical.  If it is used just prior to dinner or for a short period of time, getting multiple candles might be the answer.

Safety First

Always consider where you are going to place the candle and ensure that there are no flammable items nearby.  Tissue papers or serviettes, for example, placed near a decorated dining table might be dangerous.  Putting candles too near to curtains, christmas trees and other flammable items are a source of caution too. 

Candles dining table


If you'd like the scent of the candle to permeate a certain area, size of the candle do matter.  Generally it needs about 200g of candles for every 1000 sqft of space.  Good quality candles do matter as well.  As impure candles has scent that might not make you well.  Better still make your own candles with essential oil scent that you love, so you know exactly what goes into it.

Make your own candles

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