Chinese Consoling

They make excellent entryway furniture as they do not take up much space and can even be used as a dressing table for rooms facing space constraints issues. The possibilities for furniture pieces can sometimes be endless.

So, the only type of consoling you need from us, is a Chinese Console Table. Our console tables are available in basic colours like brown, white and black but also funkier ones in different shades of blue. A mint, tiffany blue as well as navy blue. This time round we brought in a glossy range, there are 3 different colours options.

First, we have the glossy chili red which looks extra modern due to the glossy red paint that it is in. The hardware for the glossy range is different from our usual console tables, its a shiny silver one as compared to the usual aged looking bronze ones. Don't you think this further up the glam factor of the glossy range?

We couldn't miss out on the basic colour; white, when it comes to a new range of different finish for our Chinese console table. The silver hardware simply goes so well with the white console table that although white is a basic colour, the console table looks extra modern.

Lastly, we have the glossy black that reminds us of a beautifully polished grand piano. Just look at it, can you even resist its glamourous charm?

Don't miss out on the new glossy range of Chinese console table that we have. If you don't fancy them, we still have them in the matte series that come in more colours.

Do check out all the colours the Chinese Console Tables are available in to pick your favourite one. Apart from that we have a full collection of Chinese Antique furniture as well as our complete collection of Furniture for Singapore.

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