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In current times, we are no longer strangers to the concept of Work-from-home. With recent outbreaks situation that still remain as a question mark for all of us pertaining its existence. Are they here to stay or will it end soon enough?
Due to this, work from home seems to be the best alternative for most employers for continuation of work.
Since working from home most of the time is the new norm, having a nice and  comfortable home is particularly essential. Being able to style and create a conducive and comfortable home office is an awesome benefit of working from home.  For better concentration and comfort. 
Whether you simply want a more ergonomic chair or you have health issues that require specialised office equipment, you can style up your home office and make it however you want.
Below are some WORK-FROM-HOME MUST HAVE furniture for your home office!
Barbier Desk Table
1.Barbier Compact Desk
Looking for a desk that is compact and has the ability to hide your work stuffs from view? Look no further with our Barbier Desk Table.  Barbier Desk Table comes in two colours natural and walnut. Pull the handle and the table will transform into a very convenient desk table. And when you are done with work you can pull the handle to hide your work station from view.
Finn Desk
If you are more of an aesthetic person, Finn desk will be a fine and exquisite choice. This desk is inspired by English vintage concept.  Relive the elegant and luscious atmosphere of the 1920s while working through piles of files. Working from home is all we ever wanted with this classy Finn desk.
City Desk L140
If you are looking for affordable work/study table that matches your industrial theme, look no further with our city desk table. Our City Desk are made from solid acacia wood with a brushed distress finish that will give your space a grunge industrial look. Use the city desk as a study desk or in a home office. This desk is an exceptionally must-have due to more and more people are working from home.
Seattle Desk L140
If modern luxury look is what you are looking for, Seattle desk will be the perfect choice for you.  The Seattle desk is a compact desk with classic elegance. Proudly constructed to bring to you a cherished piece of furniture.  No two-piece has the same grain.
Franky Office Chair
Work from home with Frank Office Chair made with vintage PU leather and powder-coated steel base. Franky office chair is designed not only for comfort when working from home, but it is also designed to look stylish to grace your ome with. We can vouch that this is the most comfortable and smoothest swivel office chair we ever came across!



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