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At Nook & Cranny, there's a wide array of furniture styles that match well with each other to create an Elegant Eclectic style. Celebrated as one of the first brands to introduce the Eclectic style to Singapore, Nook & Cranny has a great balance of sophisticated and unique pieces that you will truly appreciate. 
In 2021, we have introduced designer furniture brands from Netherlands which
we absolutely love! 



Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch.
Since our creation in 2011, Zuiver’s philosophy has always been: tomorrow’s design for today’s interior. We bring a one-stop interior collection with fresh, fashionable and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories designed in the Netherlands. The Zuiver collection is sold in more than 80 countries across 3 different continents.

Zuiver furniture and interior accessories can be defined as expression of unusual decisions accoplished using high end materials. Zuiver brand furniture suit perfectly modern and scandinavian interiors, as well as puts a spark into minimalistic ones.


Award winning company

In 2015 Zuiver was awarded Best Enterprise of the Zaan region, a renowned and respected prize for businesses in our region. In 2016 Zuiver won the price for Best Enterprise of the whole of North Holland”.

In March 2017 our creative director Caroline van Velze is awarded Best Business Woman 2017 of the Zaan region! We are very proud of her, as this is a prestigious, local title.

Last year, Zuiver was nominated for the Gouden FD Gazellen award – the award for the fastest growing Dutch company.

Zuiver design team

A trendy, fresh and surprising collection

Caroline van Velze is one of the co-founders and Creative Director of the Dutch interior brand Zuiver. Caroline and her team form the heart of our brand. Caroline is always in touch with the latest interior trends, all while developing designs from the drawing board through to their becoming actual Zuiver products. The Zuiver design team stands for a steadily expanding collection of Dutch designs that also make perfect combinations with each other.

“All items in the steadily expanding collection make perfect combinations”

Caroline regularly goes on trips all over the world. Caroline: “Sometimes we’re also inspired during our travels by a piece of furniture that isn’t even planned. When this happens, we start drawing sketches right away. These spontaneous ideas ensure that our products are at the leading edge of the latest interior trends and keep the collection on trend fresh and surprising.”

 About Dutchbone

Dutchbone is a dynamic label focused on development, import and wholesale of global inspired products.

Dutchbone furniture is edgy with natural roughness and it‘s made to be a part of industrial loft interior. Dutchbone brand furniture and interior accessories are mainly made of natural woods and different kinds of metal. The antique finnish of these materials gives a mystic charm and antiquarian feel.

Travelling to other countries, gathering inspiration from different cultures and paying homage to craftsmanship both past and present.
Dutchbone delivers truly unique interior pieces made to capture a moment in time. Dutchbone, your choice for inspired living!


About Bold Monkey

Extravagant design, without breaking the bank

Introducing Bold Monkey: affordable design furniture for the young at heart. We like to think of ourselves as extravagant, fun and just a little bit extra. Design lovers who’ll favour the unique over the uniform any day. As well as designing sofas and chairs and tables – we aim to design conversation starters. Trendsetting furniture. In other words, the kind of pieces that are guaranteed to attract attention as soon as your guests step in the door. Think of us as the maximalists of the interior world.

More is more, baby!

Sometimes all it takes is one conversation starter – like a peacock-print armchair or a panther coffee table – to take things to a personality-filled space. Because your place should feel like you, right? And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

At Bold Monkey, we realise you shop for furniture in the same way that you shop for clothes: anywhere and everywhere, at any time of day. A little from here, a little from there. Just like in your wardrobe, where flea market scores are mixed with one-off designer finds. The same goes for your interior. Add in a Bold Monkey limited edition and voilà: you’ve got yourself the interior equivalent of a glow-up ✨


At Nook & Cranny, there's a wide array of furniture styles that match well with each other to create an Elegant Eclectic style. 
A hidden gem in Singapore, we are a homegrown brand and has a one-stop showroom at The Grandstand Mall for interior and outdoor furniture. All the pieces are thoughtfully curated for a mix of sophisticated & bold eclectic style to create a cosy and elegant home. Sourced from all over the world, their new collection has come from Netherlands, Vietnam, India and many more.
Unique yet affordable essential home decor accessories like lamps, serving trays, cushions, rugs, mirrors also available in-store and online as well. Accessories have limited quantities to ensure your home stays unique and new designs are introduced each season. Celebrate your individuality and start building your dream home.

 Discover more in our Facebook and Instagram page. 



Phone: +65 9383 1176 (During operating hours)

Drop your enquiries through WhatsApp.

Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Christmas Day. 





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