Easy Plants to have indoors

Easy Plants To Have Indoors

Indoor plants make your house look beautiful as well as keep the air clean and fresh all the time. There are different plants around the world but all of them cannot be placed indoor so you surely need to know which of them are best for indoor. The plants which can be placed indoor for serving as decorating material are as follows:


Pothos money plant

Some may know it as money plant, pothos grow in abundance, just pluck and insert it onto the soil to create new plant branches.  Extremely easy to care, it is an ideal plant to have at home. 

Pothos grow well under limited sunlight, keep it away from direct sunlight as it tends to burn the edges of the leaves.  Being so hardy, they do well even in less bright areas such as the bathroom or a corner of a room.  Let it grow freely, prune it for a specific look, let it crawl on your vertical poles, there are just so many ways to decorate with this plant. 

Not forgetting, pothos is also known to filter the air from harmful chemical.  It is thus a perfect, no fuss plants that you will cherish as home. 



Aloe plant

This plant has long pointed leaves and has medicinal effects, use its juice to treat minor burns and cuts. These plants can grow 3 feet higher which will look astonishing indoors. It has different varieties among which Aloe Vera can survive better in sunny indoor spaces. It can grow better with plenty of sunlight.

As aloe is a succulent, the plant does not need much water.  Allow the soil to go completely dry before watering again.  Avoid soiling the dirt, water should be allowed to flow out from its pot. 

Spider Plant

Spider plant

Spider plants have built its own reputation for being hassle free and almost care-free plants.  It is adaptable and grow easily, it is usually free from most botanic issues as well.  So if you're looking for good-looking plants that are easy to handle, this is it!

Place them in indirect sunlight, water them well.  However, don't let the soil becomes too soggy as this will cause its roots to rot. 

Let spider plants overflow from a hanging pot, or you can put them on normal pots.  It is extremely versatile. 

English IVY

English ivy

This is the best decorating item plant, its beautiful foliage enhance your household decor naturally.  Keep it small or large, up to your liking.  Let it crawl upwards on wooden poles or structures if you prefer a lush look.  Or let it hang downwards over the edges of a hanging basket.  This plant is so versatile. 

It is easy to grow as you can simply cut a portion of it and stuck it into the soil. It usually takes two or more weeks to grow.  Taking care of English Ivy is even easier, spray liberally every 2-3 days or when the soil is dry to the touch.  Keep the plant away from direct sunlight, indirect sunlight under the shade of a day curtain is good enough for this plant. 

Furthermore, English ivy is known to be a mighty air purifier.  It is found in a study to reduce airborne feacal-matter particles. It was also found to filter formaldehyde found in cleaning items in the home.  Keep these in a place where you would want purer air, to prevent allergies in children.  However, do remember to keep these away from pets or children as they are not meant to be eaten, they could be poisonous. 


Jade Plant

Jade plant

With succulent leaves and prosperous look, what not to love with the jade plant. Jade plants do not need much care, just occasional watering will do the trick.  Its thick leaves and visually interesting branches will keep your home looking vibrant. It looks stunning while placed in a small pot or along with other succulents.  Keep it in bright light for better growth. 


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