Easy ways to dress up a console table

Dressing up a console table doesn't need to be complicated.  Many of us are not fancy interior decor but with these tips, who can deter us?

Bring some height

Pairing the console table with a painting, a mirror, a lamp, a big candle, a flower arrangement are ways to bring some height.  Height draws attention to the console and thus makes it a masterpiece, a center of attention in your home. 

Calla console

You don't even have to be overtly extravagant, even simple addition of flowers or a little painting will bring much style to your console table. 


Make it functional

A console is kept in its beauty when it is functional, every inch of our home is such a precious commodity, thus it is so rewarding when every part of our home is "useful".  

Consider how the area of the console would used as, is it a place to prepare to go out?  Is it a place to keep knick knacks?  Is it a place for to keep our letters/newspapers?  

Would a mirror to check ourselves before we head out be useful?  

Functional console

Place trays to keep loose change, jars to keep coins or pretty containers for keys.  These make the area an essential part of the home while at the same time, a welcoming sight to behold when you reach home. 

Or would you use it as a serving area to host your guests? Putting snacks, drinks on them would double it up as a buffet console or even a mini bar.

Console drinks

Don't neglect the bottom line

While we go vertical, let's not forget what's under the console.  A strip of carpet, a stool or baskets underneath will make your console look even more complete. 

Console Singapore

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