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Truly a Hidden Gem and best kept secret for fine home furnishing
From mid-century treasures to vintage finds, Nook and Cranny Singapore is a place to discover. 
With so many affordable options for home furnishings in Singapore, it can be hard to decide what is suited for your lifestyle. If you are wanting a unique piece to add luxurious accents into your home, Nook & Cranny is sure to have what you are looking for. 
This hidden gem features a carefully curated catalogue that includes luxury bed frames made from Premium Aniline Italian leather, which will lend a look of sleek sophistication to any interior, and Scandi-inspired ourdoor furniture. Leather sofas, cowhide rugs, art pieces and quirky, one-of a kind accessories, such as animal-themed candle holders and vintage-inspired mirrors, are also among Nook and Cranny's offering.
The accessories are one-of-a-kind that it stands on it's own as a great gift for new home owners. Always offering statement pieces and always at great prices. 
Hidden in the central of Singapore, the Nook and Cranny The Grandstand Mall Showroom boasts a carefully curated variety of furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, balcony, outdoor patio and stylish accessories to accompany. 
 Providing the top favourites for sofas, outdoor furniture and also an eclectic range of accessories. Here you can find the ever-trending cowhide rugs and carpets to bring your living room to live. 
Dress up your balcony with quality outdoor furniture right here in Singapore. It's a space for you to relax and enjoy the light breeze and some sun, perhaps with a book or a cup of fragrant hot coffee. Or if you prefer, simply laze around lounging on a lazy rocking chair dreaming of your next big idea. Nothing is more relaxing than the fresh morning air for a little serenity and "me-time" to get ready to start the day. Nap on the Elias Daybed or have a relaxing cup of tea on the Johan rocking chair.

Don't waste away the precious balcony area with your laundry, dress it up instead to create a perfect therapeutic sanctuary right at your home.
If your patio or lawn area is big enough, why not create an outdoor dining area perfect for gatherings. Think bbq area or simply a relaxing dinner in the cool of the evening with the Eden Dining Table Set. To top it off, the Johan Bar Table Set will set you up nicely for a drinks session where you and your friends can unwind comfortably.

When the weekends come around, its time to hang out by the pool and have some fun. A lounge chair will be where you can stretch out and enjoy basking in the sun. You may also want to sit around for a quick snack by the pool on a lounge or rocking chair.

Nook and Cranny outdoor collection is made of solid acacia or eucalyptus wood, with rope handiwork to create strong durable outdoor chairs, sofa & many more. Its unique design and quality workmanship ensures that your furniture gains maturity and elegance the longer you keep it. Protect it with a cover during long heavy rainy days to extend it's life to the fullest. Get something to cherish from Nook and Cranny's outdoor collection now!

Learn more about how to choose an outdoor furniture set that's perfect for you here.

Your living room is the place within your homes where you spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved ones. Thus, a sofa being one of the largest piece of furniture in that space has so much to offer. After a long day, sink right into your sofa for some home entertainment to unwind or simply catch a short nap. This is a place where memories are built, wiping a tear from a moving scene in a sitcom, sharing a cuddle with the little ones or enjoying an intimate bonding time with your loved ones, all built around the sofa!

Choose a sofa that is fits into all occasions, private moments or social occasions. Sofa that relaxes you, putting you straight into the chilling mood with a favourite book in hand, soothing music at the background, cushions lining your sides. Sofa that easily transforms your peaceful sanctuary into lively entertaining area for your guests, making them feel right at home.

Comfort and style are essential in making this space a treasured abode, a place that reflects your unique individuality. Choose from our wide range of sofa styles, fabric or leather selections, ever ready to meet your distinct needs. Have them with a storage solution to optimise your precious living space, declutter your home with clever hidden storage space.

Now your dream of owning a white sofa can finally come true! Light coloured sofa looks beautiful keeping the room light and airy...but with that, it is also very hard to maintain..well, not anymore!
‘Easy-to-Clean’, ‘stain-resistant’ and 'moisture / water repellent' are the key words when choosing the perfect Sofa for the family home, office lounge or school common areas.
Keep your Sofa always clean with Stain Resistant & Water Repellent fabric.Have your home kid-friendly, pet-friendly and easy-to clean!
Lounge in Style. Spend quality time with your family relaxing on this comfortable Modern Sectional Candace Lounge Sofa. Apart from its stylish and elegant look, this sofa has an adjustable backrest making is comfortable and convenient. Adjust the headrest angle effortlessly with a slight push.
The sofa is also customisable. You can choose from a wide variety of colorful fabrics and leather materials. If you find the full-set sofa too big for your home, we can customize it into a two-seater sofa with armrest.


A cowhide rug in the living room is an almost irresistible invitation to spread out and completely relax. Create a warm, inviting and sophisticated look styled in front of a sofa will serve as a focal point to a room. Easy to clean and non-absorbent, it is low-maintenance and can last for years to come.


Home to vintage and quirky home accessories. Each accessory has a very limited amount to ensure that your piece is unique to you and your home. 

About Us

We believe that our homes are a reflection of who we are.  We celebrate the fact that each of us are unique and desire to dress our homes in different styles.  With these beliefs in mind, we aspire to provide furniture and home accessories selections that bring out that individuality in each of us.  We love selecting rugs, lamps, paintings, photo frames that we would be proud to share with our loved ones.  At the same time, we endeavor to deliver value to our customers through the convenience of online furniture shopping. 

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