How to Express your personality in your home

People find it interesting to have visitors and guests come to their home. And this is even more interesting when the guests easily get to know about your personality through the decor of your home. Your furniture, artwork, paintings, decoration and other settings provides an opportunity for you to express yourself. A painting here, a collection there, filling your home with things you love, is just pure satisfaction. 

What Is Your Style?

Just like the way you dress, your home decor style reflects your personal preferences.  If you are someone that appreciate history, or like how an antique item speaks of quality, tradition and culture, pepper your home with antique pieces.  Spread them out and put them at strategic place for it not to be overbearing.

Shanxi buffet cabinet

If you are a fashionista, you like  bold colours, something trendy or in fashion, go ahead use those lively colours in your home.  Add vibrant colours here and there to express yourself.  Paint a wall in bright colours, while keeping your furniture natural in shade.  Express freely your jolly nature and your adaptability. Or get a colourful painting to cheer up the environment.  

Add colours

Reflecting Your Hobbies

If you are passionate about sports, reading, movies, what about using those theme to decorate your home?  

A formula 1 painting for example, Marilyn Monroe photo, your own photographic prized work, all could adorn your abode.  

Marilyn Monroe

If you are interested in reading and writing, what about showing off your collection of books on the bookshelves?  Placing your star wars collection stylishly as decor items, is a great conversation starters.  If children are allowed to express themselves in their rooms, we ought to proudly do the same.  

Star wars decor

Think Practical Though

While it is fun to decorate our house according to our likes and dislikes, do remember to stay practical.  Dusting your star wars toys every single day will not be funny after a month.  What about having glass shelving to show off those.  

Having the whole house as a disney theme might bore you after a while, decorate  smartly and use less permanent ways to decorate.  For example, instead of using wall papers, use paintings that you can change, in case you are looking for a change.  Instead of painting the room, use table cloths or different curtains to create the look you are after.  Yes, creativity is all it takes to bring out that style of yours. 


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