How to Style Chinese Antique in a Modern Home


Antiques are more than just furniture, it connects us to the past and allows us to appreciate and pay homage to history. If you're fascinated with Chinese Antiques but having a hard time visualising how to fit into your Modern home, here are some simple to follow tips to guide you to a Chinois Chic home...

Make it a Focal Point

Every Living room should have a dramatic and jaw-dropping entrance. A dramatic piece of furniture or wall is usually the focal point of a home and if you're loving Chinese Antiques, why not look for a dramatic and awe-inspiring sideboard. Choose a piece that you gravitate to. Small details like the metal handles gives each unique Antique it's own personality.

Choose a Colour that match 

To ensure a standout Chinese Antique blend seamlessly into your home, be consistent in your colour choices. Create a moodboard in Pinterest before investing on an Antique that you love and see if it matches the rest of your existing furniture. Choose neutral colours if you have a Minimalist Style home. 

Accessorise with a mixture of Antiques and Modern decor

Place modern decor on top on the Chinese Antiques and add Antique decor on your Modern furniture. This creates a flawless fusion of opposite styles and highlight it's exceptional beauty. 
Mix modern furniture with antique furniture to achieve a unique style that is entirely yours. Check out our Chinese antique collection, carefully selected pieces to bring affordable classic elegance to your living space.  
The endearing styles of antique furniture last through generations, definitely a heritage to be passed down to generations to come.  We stock both reproduction pieces as well restored antique pieces.  Look out for our reproduction pieces that are painted with vibrant novel colours, to create vivacious fusion furniture.  Baby blue wedding cabinet is such an example.  We are also able to create practical furniture with additional shelves to ensure that each furniture in your home is a useful piece rather than simply decorative.
If you find having an antique furniture could be over-powering, do consider selecting smaller items such as side tables, vases, stools, small consoles to bring that subtle trait.  Using Chinese ceramic stools could also be alternative to using wall art.  With beautiful painting adorning such stools, it is a breeze to decorate a room with understated Chinese style.  Most importantly these are practical addition to any home, use them as a side table, as a stool amongst other uses.   Should you have tiny toddlers in the home, the Chinese wooden drums could be a friendlier option.  Utilize these drums the same way as you would a ceramic stool without the hazards of its fragility.  They could even be a musical instrument to create a symphony at your homes. 
Replacing bland pieces in your home could also be technique to enhance the individuality of your homes.  For example, in place of a normal bookshelf, consider using a Chinese wedding cabinet or tall Chinese cabinet as its substitute.  Besides keeping the display away from dusty elements, it is a variation that could bring variety to a room that you might be looking to decorate. 
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