Maintaining styled dining table

We've all been there, when the guests are arriving, we would dress our dining table.  However on day to day basis, our dining tables look like the pantry or the sink.  Sometimes finding a place to have a decent quiet dinner might even be a challenge.

How do we avoid this? 

Always Set Your Table

By setting your table ready for the next meal, you are entering into the discipline of clearing the table, making it presentable once and for all.  There is less tendency for family members to put their clutter on the table as well.  This ritual will pay dividend and make your home visitor ready anytime.

Set table

Keep a side table by the dining area

Whether you do have the luxury to keep a buffet cabinet, side console, try erecting an area where you are able to keep your clutter.  You may put baskets underneath those table to put away the letters, the written notes, homework etc that usually go onto the dining table.  

Console dining

If space is a luxury you don't have, try having a push cart where you can push it around.

Tray storage

Think also about some wall storage where items can be kept stylishly.

Wall storage

Get flowers

It's hard to clutter a dining table when a beautiful bouquet of flower is taking residence.  It's a small investment for a cheery countenance and tidy home.  Plus its fragrance makes the home more appealing too.

Bouquet dining

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