Online Interior Design Platform, To Use Or Not To Use?

Hmmm, Houzz, Renopedia or Qanvast?

Need inspirations and resources for decorating your new home?  Have heard of Houzz, Renopedia or Qanvast? But what do they offer?  Read on for our take on these online interior design platforms.


They are global and have presence in more than 10 countries. Their website displays many interior home designs both in and out of Singapore. To be honest, the houses look amazing. They also share some articles, which they called “Stories from Houzz”. These stories provide some tips or facts regarding certain problems homeowners face to engage with readers. Options to view specific room design, including kitchen and bathroom, are available as well. Users who signed up with Houzz are able to comment and save the home interior designs to their own respective folder. Download their mobile app and you can browse their stuff on the go. They provide contacts for 4 categories, design & renovation, home improvement, showrooms & suppliers as well as garden & outdoors. If you like to garner inspirations from various corners of the world, this is the platform to go to. 


There are four themes (Industrial, Scandinavian, Modern and Other Interior Design) for you to choose from at the homepage before viewing the home designs from their respective group. Apart from offering free renovation quotes, Renopedia also recommends home renovation products and interior design firms to their readers. They have their own blog sharing tips related to home design and many more. Don't forget to catch some of their entertaining and hilarious videos on tips, house tours, etc. 


An interesting feature Qanvast has is that they have a chat box for you to communicate with one of the staff in the company. In their “Projects” page, they show home interior designs of various apartments across Singapore. The price of the renovation and design is tagged onto each apartment to give readers an estimation of the market rate if they want to do something similar. Frequent useful articles related to house decoration are available too.

All three platforms contain stunning home interior design ideas, supplemented with images of real beautiful home. Each company fulfills various needs of their readers especially those who need ideas on how they want their current or future houses to look like. 

So go ahead and explore these valuable resources, who knows you might just discover your creative prowess in the process. Try them and let us know your experience!

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