Preparing your house for sale or rental

Opening our homes for viewing is rather unnerving experience, much like going for an examination.  Having others assessed our property may feel like them assessing us.  Yet it can also be a fun experience, whether you're upgrading your property or renting your investment unit, it's worth putting in some preparatory work into this.

Best face forward

It's obvious that we need to put forth the best image forward in any property viewing.  Typically, a furnished apartment or house, would provide the buyers a better setting for a successful transaction.  As the prospective client would have an idea of how the property would feel or look like as an inviting home.  

However, if the property concerned is too cluttered, you might want to consider showing off an empty clean property instead.  If the situation allows, decluttering before putting forth your property will be a good idea. You would have to throw away things or organise your things anyway before any move, so it may worth the investment to do so once you're ready to put the property up in the market. 


Prepare your home

Most home buyers love bright, airy and cooling  homes.  As such, viewing timing do actually play a part. Should viewing timing coincide with the timing where your home receives the most sun, draw up the day curtain, on the air-conditioning prior to receiving your guests.

Should your home be unoccupied, ensure that you arrive early to open the windows, to let out stuffy air.  Air conditioning your home prior to viewers' arrival will also ensure that the home feels ready for visitors.  

Opening window

You may also on your lights in area where it is rather dark, for example at the walkway, in the bathroom.  Generally warm lights give a warmer homely feel to visitors, while white daylight may give a cold rather unfriendly feel.  On your warm lights for a more inviting atmosphere. 

Furnish smartly

Depending on whether your home is furnished or unfurnished for viewing, some little tricks can go a long way.

FOR FURNISHED HOMES, Remember the time when you were on your vacation, that first moment when you entered into the beautiful hotel you've booked your family into? How the room felt inviting, comfortable and just so lovely.  You've forgotten how much you've forked out for it, but you felt that it was worth it. 

That's the kind of feeling that we need to aim for when we are preparing our homes for such an important appointment.  Some easy tips:

  • Invest on white linen sets for your bed - do you notice how most hotels would only furnish their beds in white?  White speaks of professionalism, cleanliness, comfort.  Much research has gone into it and certainly we can copy from the best in hospitality.
White linens
  • Hide away your mess - keep them away in the store, in the cupboards.  Make room so it gives the impression of space
  • Furnish your bathroom - colour coordinate your bath towels, fold them nicely, add a scented candle in the bathroom, organise your toiletries onto boxes, fold your toilet rolls into a pointy tip.  All these details would go a long way.
Bathroom furnish
  • Set your dining table - Put up your serving mats, your dining sets and utensils and place fresh flowers on the table.  

Setting table

FOR UNFURNISHED HOMES, though the number of things you can do is limited, there are still numerous ways you can make an impact.

  • Cleanliness - Cleanliness is essential in an unfurnished home.  Clean curtains, floor that is free from debris or dust make a lasting impression than an unkept environment. 
  • Furnish the bathroom - Without the clutter of unsightly toiletries, it is even easier to make an impression for your bathroom.  Roll up some hand towels, display them on the vanity top or on top of the toilet bowl.  Complete the look with a basket, extra toilet roll, don't forget to fold your toilet roll into a pointy tip.  A little touch here and there will make such a difference in a home.
  • Fresh flower or scented candles in the home will also bring some warmth to the home despite the emptiness of the home.  Put them on the kitchen island or kitchen top.  They give a hint of how lovely a home this could be. 

Bathroom furnish

Be welcoming

Lastly, always welcome your visitors with a smile, find a convenient time where there are fewer family members at home so that your visitors will find it comfortable to look around.  You wouldn't want an angry teenager in the room feeling annoyed with visitors :).  However, don't be too over-friendly.  Leave the negotiations to your agents and try to stay out of the way whenever possible.  

Hope you find our tips useful!  Best of luck with your viewings!


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