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Versatile Chinese style pine wood cabinet with two doors. It can be use in different ways and in any room. Use it to ...

Mirror most efficient and most affordable ways to make your room bigger!

Small room can feel confining and uncomfortable. Why not fool the eyes by using mirrors to create illusion of bigger...

Spruce it up now!

It's time to decorate your home for Christmas, get the tree up, the lights on!  Or if you like it simple, bring in fr...

Styling your home like a pro

How do you leave a lasting impression in your home without breaking the bank.  Check our tried and tested ideas like ...

How to Express your personality in your home

People find it interesting to have visitors and guests come to their home. And this is even more interesting when the...

Easy Plants to have indoors

Easy Plants To Have Indoors Indoor plants make your house look beautiful as well as keep the air clean and fresh all ...

Preparing your house for sale or rental

Opening our homes for viewing is rather unnerving experience, much like going for an examination.  Having others asse...

Candles and how to use them effectively.

So you've gotten your candles and are ready to lit them for a soothing romantic night.  However just how should you u...

Maintaining styled dining table

We've all been there, when the guests are arriving, we would dress our dining table.  However on day to day basis, ou...

Using white lamps

White lamps are so unassuming and so easily blend into your decor, you could even reuse them should you decide to cha...

Using tolix in decor

Tolix chairs are the essential cafe chairs, sturdy, strong and hardy.  Furthermore it can also be used outdoors.  Jus...

Easy ways to dress up a console table

Dressing up a console table doesn't need to be complicated.  Many of us are not fancy interior decor but with these t...
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