Are you hunting for a brand new sofa to fit seamlessly in your home? What should you consider? Here's our favourites that ticks all the boxes. 




Ivar consistently tops the list for luxury minimalist style lovers. With a clean base, you can add your own personality with cushions & throws to spice it up any way you like. It has an extensive range of configurations and layout combinations that will fit your space how you want it to. This allows it to remain affordable rather than customising a sofa from scratch. It is available in a variety of colours and even textures.There’s a combination to fit any room, from cosy apartment 2 seaters to capacious U-shaped sets, making your sofa-hunting a stressless shopping day!

What makes the Ivar durable? Along with durable fabrics that is perfect for Singapore's tropical climate, the Ivar sofa cushion covers are also machine washable, making it the perfect family-friendly piece. What’s more, there are no sharp edges and even the locking system are hidden underneath the sofa so you can separate the pieces to use individually, no dangerous and ugly locks visible.

How about durability of sinking cushions? You may have experienced this of previous sofas. For the Ivar sofa, the seat cushions are firm and that allows it to stand the test of time, while its back cushions are perfectly cushy to provide a relaxed seating experience - just give it a fluff once in a while to keep the cushions looking pristine.

The Ivar sofa have been spotted in a variety of different types of home size including HDBs, landed homes and even petite condominiums, making Ivar the most versatile AND the aesthetically superior choice.

Reviews for the Ivar Sofa:

"I love everything about this sofa. From the moment I saw it, I wanted to get it as the design is timeless & minimalistic. The size is perfect and I can consider adding an additional seat in the future as it’s modular. I chose the fabric shown in the showroom, it’s textured but smooth on the skin and have some gold tones that match my beige theme living room. The seat is firm so there’s minimal sinking and the back is soft and cloud like. Matched it with casablanca coffee table and cowhide rug from Nook and Cranny as well." - Sofian
"The sofa is very comfortable and softness is more towards the firm side. My folks love the sofa as they usually have trouble getting off their seat. Very sturdy and pretty piece! My wife and I were very pleased with their service for trying their best to get a new replacement for the Ivar sofa during the Covid lockdown period! Their comms were efficient even when I reached them on weekends. Thank you guys once again!" - Ian
"I’ve finally got it pieces up together and put it to use! We appreciate the extra firm cushion on the sofa as it adds comfort will enjoying our leisure time on it. A lot of my friends and family members are also asking where we got the sofa from! ☺️ Excellent especially the extra firm cushion makes it so comfortable for long hours of sitting. Prompt Delivery!" - Portia

Nook & Cranny (Living)

The Grandstand Mall, 200 Turf Club Road #03-07 (Lift 4), Singapore 287994



A burnt caramel beauty. The Finn sofa is a classic mid-century style sofa with timeless beauty. It is conveniently customisable from 1 seater to 3 seater to fit into most living room layouts. Its stunningly slim and sleek armrests are not just for aesthetics but it provides more seating space for you to lounge as well.
Embraced with cool & soft premium leather, mild leather grains with a vintage finish bringing the best combination that is perfect for Singapore weather. This unique grade of leather is a breeze to maintain, just wipe it down with any leather conditioner 2 times a year to prolong its life.
With durable steel legs are covered with anti-rust to ensure that it looks flawless. Its immensely plush back cushions with complimenting firm seats allow for the ultimate comfort & long-lasting relaxation.
We have concluded that The Finn Leather Sofa is undeniably the most aesthetically stunning, durable and most important affordable comparing to other high grade leather choices. 
Reviews for the Finn Sofa:

"I love the classic low backrest design and the leather feels so cool and soft. The stitching around the armrest is also very beautiful. This is my first sofa purchase ever and I feel that I made the right choice. I am very happy with the fuss-free shopping experience and the staff at Nook and Cranny were very casual and homely, have great product knowledge and made me feel very relax when making this big purchase." - Lim

"Was extremely happy to have found Nook and Cranny as recommended by my friends when I moved to Singapore. The showroom at The Grandstand Mall is so unique and has a warehouse feel that made me feel like I have found a hidden gem. My husband and I fell in love with the Finn sofa immediately, the shape, size, leather, colour and style was everything that we wanted. Perfect combination for our tiny Singapore condo." - Caroline

"This sofa set makes my home feels like it has been designed by an interior expert. I am glad that we went with the finn sofa because it is so comfortable but still looks good. We especially love the shade of brown. Not too bright and not too dull, feel very modern. The price is also right and have free delivery and installation. Thank you Nook and Cranny." - Bryan


Nook & Cranny (Living)

The Grandstand Mall, 200 Turf Club Road #03-07 (Lift 4), Singapore 287994



With homes in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller over the years, you may have to creative with your furniture options. 

Kick your feet back and relax in style with Andre Multiway Lounge Sofa. The seat is expandable creating a large laid-back lounge in no effort at all. This cute sofa has an adjustable backrest. You can sit on it when the backrest is pushed forward. Alternatively, if your legs are tired and you need to rest them, push the backseat all the way back so that you can stretch out your legs on the sofa. 

Customisable in 3 different type of leather grades and 40 choices of fabric! Choose a 2 seater or 3 seater. 

Reviews on the Andre Sofa:

"I love the soft, smooth texture of the premium Aniline leather and also the versatile function of transforming it from couch to bed. Great for watching movies with my family and catching an afternoon nap!" - Josephine 

"My family love the Andre sofa. It is spacious and we get to cuddle up during movie nights. The backrest is so so soft and comfortable. We chose a half-leather option in colour Taupe to make it easier to maintain the leather. The staff was very helpful in helping me pick the leather type and colour to suit our young family. Will definitely return to check out other furniture for our bedroom." - Ashik

"I knew I wanted a sofa that can change to a bed as my niece and nephew stays over very often but I hate the look of sofa beds, so this design is perfect for me. I chose semi-aniline leather as it is softer then the standard leather option and Im glad that I did. My guests has commented about how nice the leather feels comparing to other sofas they had before." - Lia

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