The Most Durable Surface: Sintered Stone


Juniper Stone Dining Table

The answer to that question is YES! Sintered stone is starting to get popular with homeowners and interior designers for it’s obvious superior characteristic comparing to Granite and Quartz and pretty much any other material. It is the most durable surface material you can find.

Here’s why you should choose Sintered Stone for your dining table and coffee tables.:

  • Weatherproof/ Waterproof/ Stainproof
  • Unaffected by heat or cold
  • Very hard to chip, scratch or damage
  • Easy to clean
  • Food safe and hygienic
  • Non-porous – so no bacteria can be obsorbed
  • cannot be etched
  • Cannot be scratched
  • Cannot be burned

As it’s weatherproof, rain, hot weather or freezing temperatures does not affect Sintered Stone in any way.  It is perfect for outdoor use as you will not need to cover it during heavy rain or during the blistering heat.

Juniper Stone Dining Table

What is sintering and Sintered Stone?

Sintering is the process of mixing different materials using heat and creating a solid slab. This is done without chemicals or sealers making it safe for food prep and general health. Traditional surfaces like granite, quartz and marble require high maintenance and yearly sealing. This is not required for Sintered Stone as it is waterproof, non-porous and does not need any sealing.

Noir Nesting Coffee Table

What is Sintered Stone made of?

Sintered stones comprised of 100% natural minerals. Made of minerals, clays, feldspar, silica, and natural mineral pigments, sintered stone does not emit toxic into the environment when exposed to fire. Being a natural composition, Sintered Stone fully recyclable.

Noir Nesting Coffee Table


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