Using white lamps

White lamps are so unassuming and so easily blend into your decor, you could even reuse them should you decide to change your interior design.

It is a must-have in the home but just how should you bring out its flavour or enhance its look?

Go with the clean look

Go for the spiffy clean look with uniform hues.  The white lamp bring out that pristine look, light it up at night for that beautiful soothing rays.  Add some greeneries to break the monotony and add a little freshness. 

While our white lamps may not be ostentatious, it subconsciously brings an added dimension of height into your living area.  Subtle addition that surely brings a lot of charm. 

White on plain

White on white background

Go Woody

Put it on the dark wooden table, against wooden mirror and viola, the contrast is a breath of fresh air. 

White with wooden

Go contrast

White brings out the loveliness of other decor items surrounding it, thus go bold and go for a big contrast.  The demure background will enhance whatever you are trying to showcase, be it your photo frame, flower decorations, a piece of cherished treasure, you name it.

White lamp contrast

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