Keep your Sofa always clean with Stain Resistant & Water Repellent fabric

Now your dream of owning a white sofa can finally come true! Light coloured sofa looks beautiful keeping the room light and airy...but with that, it is also very hard to maintain..well, not anymore!
‘Easy-to-Clean’, ‘stain-resistant’ and 'moisture / water repellent' are the key words when choosing the perfect Sofa for the family home, office lounge or school common areas. 


So you have just moved into your new home and searching for the sofa of your dream. "What colour should I get?" you asked. Is it beige, white or maybe even a bold colour? But suddenly you remember one of your fur-baby enjoys drooling all day and it's fur is always everywhere, and so you decide on a darker version of your dream sofa instead. Is this you?

With the stain-resistant and water repellent fabric for your sofas, you need not worry about all that. Fur can easily be vacuumed away easily with none stuck in between the tightly woven fibres. And any drool or moisture can we wiped clean with a piece of tissue EASILY!  


Remember when you decide to treat your kid to ice cream and thought it will be less messy if eaten at home? Well, that's true if you have a stain-resistant sofa. Almost no amount of spills can bring down your beige sofa anymore. But be sure to wipe any spills immediately. 

And you think when your child grows up into a teenager, they will get less 'dirty'. But have you forgotten about the times when they get home from their sports class or camping trip? 

As a parent, your personal motto must be 'Always Be Prepared'. 


Water repellent and stain resistant fabrics are very easy to clean, literally seconds. Vacuum for dust or treasures that have fallen in between the sofa cushions and spray and wipe clean to sanitise. 

Don't waste your weekends sweating it out cleaning your sofa, spend the extra time having peace of mind, relaxing on the sofa with your family instead. 


water repellent fabric swatch


Water repellent sofa materials is available at Nook and Cranny Living, the place to go for hassel-free customised sofa. 

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