Less than Perfect Sale - 30% off

Sometimes our goods arrive from the factory in a less than perfect condition.  Under normal circumstances, these are goods that we would need to repair or touch up before selling them to the consumers.  Now, however, we would like to offer these as a cost-saving options for consumers, if you don't mind the slight scratch, slight imperfections, come on down to our warehouse and get a whopping 30% off our normal retail price.  We save the hassle of arranging for repair & touch up, you get to enjoy a fantastic deal.  It's a win-win once again.

It's another way we offer value add to your purchases.  

Do note however, as this is a sale item under "As-is" conditions, all goods sold are not eligible for return or refund.  Visit us now!

Offers are only valid at our warehouse as you might want to take a look at the imperfections first before purchasing them :).

Should you prefer the pieces that have no imperfections, they are still available at regular prices.  

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