Summer Sale - Outdoor Furniture Up to 50% OFF

Who doesn't love the summer sun? Thankfully we are living in tropical and forever summer Singapore. That's what we love most about Singapore!
It is scientifically proven that spending time outdoors can dramatically improve your mental and physical health, so why not create a comfortable space outdoors for you and your family to hang out at! 
Dress up your balcony with quality outdoor furniture right here in Singapore. It's a space for you to relax and enjoy the light breeze and some sun, perhaps with a book or a cup of fragrant hot coffee. Or if you prefer, simply laze around lounging on a lazy rocking chair dreaming of your next big idea. Nothing is more relaxing than the fresh morning air for a little serenity and "me-time" to get ready to start the day. Nap on the Elias Daybed or have a swing on the King Pod swing.
Don't waste away the precious balcony area with your laundry, dress it up instead to create a perfect therapeutic sanctuary right at your home.
If your patio or lawn area is big enough, why not create an outdoor dining area perfect for gatherings. Think bbq area or simply a relaxing dinner in the cool of the evening with the Eden Dining Table Set. To top it off, the Johan Bar Table Set will set you up nicely for a drinks session where you and your friends can unwind comfortably.
When the weekends come around, its time to hang out by the pool and have some fun. A lounge chair will be where you can stretch out and enjoy basking in the sun. You may also want to sit around for a quick snack by the pool on a lounge or rocking chair.
Nook and Cranny outdoor collection is made of solid acacia or eucalyptus wood, with rope handiwork to create strong durable outdoor chairs, sofa & many more. Its unique design and quality workmanship ensures that your furniture gains maturity and elegance the longer you keep it. Protect it with a cover during long heavy rainy days to extend it's life to the fullest. Get something to cherish from Nook and Cranny's outdoor collection now!
Learn more about how to choose an outdoor furniture set that's perfect for you.
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