Caring for your antique furniture

Antique furniture gives more astonishing and charming look to your home decor. When these are highly finished with waxing and proper polishing these will shine more and gives the more classy look to your furniture and decor. The furniture that is cleaned and is kept in good condition all the time is best suited to the home. Antique lovers always keep their antique furniture and decors in the best possible condition so that it will not get any harm or damage as these are expensive enough to buy.

Never Use Furniture Sprays

Furniture sprays are available in the market which is used for protecting and repairing the furniture from scars and scratches. If you want to keep your antique furniture safe from degeneration and other damage never ever use these oils and sprays. These sprays leave residue like oils and grease which cannot be removed easily and also makes the furniture dull. That is not the real shine that you want for your antique furniture.

Use Soft and Smooth Fabric To Clean Up

For cleaning up and dusting of furniture always use soft fabric. As when you use the hard and tough material to clean up the antique furniture it can make scratches and scars on the surface. This makes the furniture look bad so always avoid these scratches. Feather dusters are also not suitable for a dusting of furniture as if there is any broken feather it can make scratches on furniture.

Use Good Quality Wax

Waxes are used to put an extra layer on the surface of furniture. This makes the furniture shine brighter and also makes it safer from before. Apply the good quality beeswax on the surface using soft cloth following the grain of the wood. When you apply wax on it this makes a layer on it which prevents all type of damage to the furniture as nothing will directly get in touch with it. This will work as a finish and gives a more astonishing look to furniture. Do not apply too much wax on the surface and try to paste a thin layer on it. This process can be repeated once a year. So this, in turn, keeps the furniture safe and working for a longer run. When the wax is applied on furniture like a finish it gets easier to remove all stains and spots.

Maintain Temperature

Antique furniture made of wood highly respond to the changes in the environment. So make sure that you maintain the environment of your home. If your house has too much humidity then furniture will get damage because of moisture. But if there is too less humidity you have to maintain the normal level of moisture in the environment. Try to avoid extremes and lower level changes in the environment as it can cause your furniture to shrink or expand. Because of this furniture can also get split and cracks can occur as well.


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