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Congratulations on the purchase of your furniture from Nook and Cranny. Our furniture is supposed to last and thus it is important to know a few things about the care and maintenance of this product.



  • Maintain a safe distance between your furniture and heating sources.
  • Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight. All colors will fade over time when place in direct sunlight.
  • To move a furniture, always lift it. Do not drag or push it.



  • To clean glass panels or mirrors, use a damp cloth with a mild detergent if required.
  • Do not use any substance containing abrasives since these will scratch glass and may also damage the surrounding surfaces.
  • Do no place too hot or too cold objects on the surface, try to avoid impacts with hard and sharp objects
  • Do not sit on the glass surface of the table, maximum weight capacity is 10kg.
  • If the glass surface is cracked or chipped, have it replaced.
  • Glass surfaces have a good but not excellent scratch resistance. As such, do not drag objects across the surface.
  • Should you decide to put decorative items or lamps on the glass surface, place felt pads under these objects.
  • To ensure greater scratch protection, protect the glass surface with tablecloth when in use.



  • Use dry cloth free of dirt and grit for cleaning. Excess water may cause the metal to rust more easily. Dirt and grit may scratch the metal top coat and cause the metal to rust more easily too.
  • Keep away from harsh elements such as rain.


All natural wood comes from nature, as such natural variations in texture and grain may affect the finish.  These differences in character are not defects, rather they are what makes the wooden furniture such a treasured piece, as each is unique with its own character.



Avoid commercial cleaning products.  Although immediate results of a cleaning product may seem rewarding, the long-term effects of its chemical composition with the wood, air and light may be harmful.

Weekly cleaning is recommended to help remove abrasive buildup with can damage a finish over time.  Use a clean cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton.  Moisten the cloth with just enough water to make the dust adhere to it.  The cloth should not be so damp that it wets the wood.  Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.



  • Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight, heat outlet, open windows or dampness.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the finish of your furniture
  • Extreme temperature and humidity changes can cause cracking or splitting
  • Uneven exposure to sunlight will cause your furniture to look paler on those areas that are exposed.
  • Avoid exposure to rain



  • Do not place hot objects on any furniture surface. Always use a hot plate or heat resistant pads when placing a hot pot or dishes on the furniture.
  • Clean spills immediately. Do not expose your furniture to any liquids.  Never allow water to sit on your furniture.
  • Avoid using any abrasive chemicals while being near the furniture. For e.g. painting your nails, using nail polish remover on the wooden furniture.  As alcohol, nail polish, perfume or certain essential oil may dissolve the furniture finish on contact, unrepairable damage might occur on the finishing of the wood.
  • Plants and flower nectar that touch the finish may also cause permanent stains. Pay careful attention on the food items that go on the table that might cause permanent stain. 
  • Placing objects such as lamps and decorative items directly on wood can result in unwanted scratched and discoloration. Place felt pads under these objects and rotate their position from time to time.
  • Avoid leaving newspapers and magazines directly on the wood surface. The ink can bleed onto the finish and permanently damage the wood.



  • Vacuum your sofa regularly
  • For stains, use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean it as soon as you discover the stain.
  • Strictly avoid using alcohol or strong detergent, even in small quantities. Do not use abrasive substances.
  • Do not rub excessively.
  • For removable sofa covers, always have it professionally dry cleaned to prevent fabric shrinkage.



  • Keep product away from heat source, avoid direct sunlight or strong artificial lights
  • Possible marks in leather, grain variation or slight difference is colour are not defects, instead they should be appreciated as characteristics of natural genuine leather.



  • Act quickly to remove stain before stain penetration
  • Do not use solvents or abrasive substances.
  • For stains caused by substances soluble in water (e.g. soft drinks, coffee, wine etc) immediately remove the liquid from the surface using a dry cloth or absorbent paper.
  • Use a damp cloth and a solution made of cold water and a limited quantity of mild soap.
  • Clean the stain working from the outside into the center, do not press hard or rub, then carefully dry the surface with a clean cloth or absorbent paper.
  • Repeat the treatment when necessary
  • To remove grease stains such as oil, chocolate, salad dressing, mayonnaise, snacks, cosmetics:
    • Use a spatula or a tea spoon to scrape off any excess, but avoid scrubbing the leather
    • Gently and repeatedly blot the stain with absorbent paper or spread talcum powder working from the outside into the center, do no press hard on the stain, otherwise it will penetrate leather pores.
    • Always use specific detergents suitable for leather that you can buy in any shop and follow the indicated instructions.







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