Charge it!

Imagine lounging at your sofa, multi tasking while relaxing.  Checking your social media, watching tv and perhaps even snacking at the same time.  Won't it be great to have a charger right beside you should you need to top up the battery on your phone?

Ilia sofa comes with an inbuilt charger port onto the sofa itself.  Allowing a fuss free charging routine.  No more stooping around the floor to charge your phone or worst still, sitting on the floor beside the charger to wait for the charging to be completed. 

Now, do it in style.

Convert the Ilia sofa into a bed simply by pulling out an underneath drawer of the sofa.  Need additional space, not to worry, pull out the Ilia sofa to uncover a hidden storage compartment.  How cool is that!

Plus what's even cooler, it's now available at 30% discount as  part of our clearance sale.

Ilia sofa bed

What are you waiting for, grab it before they run out of stock!


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