How to Choose the Right Dining Chair for your Table


Dining chairs are one of the most tedious item to shop for due to the wide array of choices in size, colour, material etc. Ultimately, you want a dining chair to be comfortable and look stylish without being too matchy-matchy. 

Despite the old-school mentality on having dining sets to match 100% to each other, nowadays, a slight variation in colour and material is a look that is sought after. This is the reason why you will need to learn how to find a good balance between being too matchy and too mish-mash. 

We have compiled a checklist of the steps to consider that will ensure that you pick the right chair for your dining table. 

 Brit Velvet Chair with arms



Styles are rarely mixed when it comes to dining set styling. Unless you are an interior designer with 10 years of experience under your belt, mixing styles are not recommended. If your dining table is in a Modern style, be sure to choose a modern style dining chair. If it's an industrial look that you are going for, ensure the chairs are industrial-inspired as well. 



The common materials you will find are wood, PU leather, real leather, upholstered fabric, metal and recently we are seeing plenty of weaved rattan/leather. 

So which one should you choose? What are the pros and cons?

Wood: Whether it's teak, oak or acacia, wood is fairly low maintanence due to it's durability. It comes in various stained tones so you are sure to find one that compliments your dining table. If you have wood floors, add a rug to break up the pattern or your dining room might look too harsh with not enough soft furnishings. 

Upholstered PU Leather: This is the most practical option being both water-resistant and comfy with the cushion filling. It also comes in limitless patterns and colours. Price-wise, it a lot more affordable than real leather. The only disadvantage will be how long it will last as PU leather tend to crack after years of stretching. 

Brit chair and Jake chair from Nook & Cranny

Real Leather: Leathers come in a few different finishing - shiny waxed, matte jethro and the ever-popular aniline aged patina look. Real leather lasts forever if you condition it well and it looks even better after a long time of usage. The trick is to figure out when to condition it and how regular you should condition it. There is no straight timeline on how often leather should be conditioned as it depends on it's usage and also the environment/weather/humidity etc. You will need to pay attention to it to notice areas that it may look dry and that is the time to condition it. 

Metal: Stainless steel, aluminium and various anti-rust alloys are great for the structure of a dining chair. Anti-rust does not mean that it will not tarnish and oxidise with time, all metals tarnish after long periods of time and it also depending on the environment/weather/humidity. But don't worry, you can polish it to make it tarnish-free. 

Metal chairs usually comes with upholstered cushion as it is sensitive to temperature so you wouldn't want it to be cold or hot when it touches your bare skin. 

Benson chair and Fab chair from Nook & Cranny

Upholstered Fabric: From ultra soft velvet to textured weave, fabric dining chairs look great in almost all forms and countless colours are available. If you are looking for comfort, go for a velvety fabric. If you are concerned about stains, go for a dark textured weave and water repellent fabric if it is available. Always opt for water-repellent as accidents happen, even with adults. Water-repellent sprays are also widely available in any mart like Scotchgard that can be used on any fabrics around the home.


Catelyn chair and OMG chair from Nook & Cranny 



Arms or armless? While arms will be way more relaxing... take note that it does take up space. Check if having that specific dining armchair that you have been eyeing is going to take up too much space that it is not able to slot under the table. And will having the armchair make you loose space for an additional chair? It is important to test out a dining chair before making a decision, just like us - dining chairs comes in different widths. Would a minimalist style chair support your weight - no offence but this is an important point and sometimes the truth hurts, literally. 

Benson chair and Benson chair with arms from Nook & Cranny



Simple chairs look great, effortless and timeless but with homes in singapore getting smaller and smaller, consider a storage bench that you can use for additional storage. As storage benches can look bulky, you may want to keep it against a wall. 



Colour is an easy one. You will know if it's right when you put the dining table and chair together. Follow your instincts but a tip is to keep it either cool tone OR warm tone and avoid clashing these 2 tones. 

Kiss the Froggy Chair and Such a Stud dining chair from Nook & Cranny



Do consider all these points before you start buying the first one you fall in love with. Practicality is just as important as aesthetics. Hope that these tips have helped you in the journey of picking the right dining chair. 





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Bearing in mind your comfort and your styles, our dining chairs have been carefully selected to satisfy both aspects.  If you prefer easy to maintain chairs, wooden and plastic chairs are certainly the easy option.  For greater comfort to support any frames, check out our cushioned chairs.  Made from premium fabric, they are soft to the touch and contoured to fit our bodies.  

Get them together in a set to create a harmonious selections.  Look out also for our industrial design chairs, made especially to recreate that chic fashion.  Our metal chairs are rust proof and have been treated with powder coating mechanism to add to the durability element. 

Don't forget to check out our bar stools as well.  They are available in industrial design or in chinese antique design, certainly a delightful addition to your kitchen island or bar counter.  

Use our dining chair also in other rooms.  Use it in the study area or even as an occasional chair to add color to any setting.  Let us help you to create a cozy sanctuary in your homes.  






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