Wooden furniture & being environmentally friendly?

We all love how wood brings out a charming homely feel in our homes, yet we can't deny that they come at the expense of precious trees on Earth, the planet we call home.  The reconstructed wood a.k.a mdf just doesn't come close, the lack of natural grain pattern maybe just not your cup of tea.  Furthermore, you'd like to use your furniture for years and years to come, perhaps even pass them down to your children?   If these thoughts are familiar, check our recycled furniture option.

We are proud to bring to Singapore the Coastal collection, a perfect blend of reincarnated wood with modern charms.  Coastal collection exude a relaxing charm, its rustic look combined with masculine metal, makes a perfect match!  Constructed with care from recycled pine wood, oiled to perfection and designed to bring forth the best in its aesthetic look.  It is a designer's delight, a home owner's pride to cherish in their homes.  

Coastal Collection

There is not one item in the coastal collection that is identical, each item has its own unique character, telling its own story of past history.  With different wood shades, shapes and contours, you are bringing home a piece of treasure.  

Join us as we try to preserve our beautiful mother earth, every action counts!  


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