A Breath Of Fresh Air

Want to give your homes a new look but do not want to go through a huge facelift? Do images of dusty rooms and sleeping on the floor while renovation works go on start popping up in your head? Fret not, as we go through a few quick ways to refresh your living spaces.


Give your walls a fresh coat of paint and your room will instantly look different. Just like how different sets of clothes make you look different. If you are on a budget, you do not have to paint 2/4 sides of your wall, 1 side will work too. Turn it into a feature wall!

For the paint job to be real quick and friendly on your pocket, DIY it. Or if you have leftover paint, go for a patterned wall where you only need to paint on dots or stripes. Less work but same objective, aint that brilliant?


Alternatively, you can dress up your walls with wallpapers. The variety of wallpapers available in the market these days is very wide, one will definitely be spoilt for choice. Similar to the paint job option, you don't have to plaster up all 4 walls of any rooms with wallpaper.


Still love how the colours of your walls look and don't fancy a paint job or putting up wallpapers? Why not choose to hang up some wall decor items such as photo frames, mirrors or paintings? Modern calligraphy pieces have been trending for awhile, jump on the bandwagon now.

Found a pretty helpful post on how to create your very own gallery wall at home with frames. Have a go at transforming your plain boring walls into one that looks like it belongs in a gallery. Read it here. #sharingiscaring


Another way you can go about giving a new life to your living spaces will be to add plants if you want to leave your walls alone. After all, Singapore is known as the Garden City. Potted plants help brighten up rooms and are good for your eyes. If plants are too plain for you, go for fresh or even dried floral arrangements.

Dried flowers are low maintenance and can last a really long time. You can even have some fun putting together your own arrangement at floral jamming sessions found at various flower shops these days.


Lastly, add some simple home accessories in different corners of your rooms to change things up. A lamp, cushions or even a mirror can be considered. Alternatively, a small furniture piece or entryway furniture will be able to bring some life to your rooms too.

These are some quick and simple ways to revamp your living spaces even if you don't think you are much of an interior design guru. After the quick fixes, you might even feel like you have moved into a new apartment.

Of cos there are other alternatives such as a placing a rug/carpet in the room, adding decals to walls or doors. The sky is the limit.

Have fun decorating your homes!


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