Behind the scene with our movers

Peer behind those curtains and glimpse into what goes on in the lives of our unsung hulk-like heroes, our delivery staff, at work. Rest assured, there won't be clothes ripped apart nor green beings running around smashing furniture.

Stepping into the warehouse armed with a stack of delivery order slips, our delivery staff will cross check to see which of the boxes are scheduled to be delivered for the day.

Our boxes are mostly extremely big as furniture like beds and dining tables are not to be considered small at all. So its going to take our movers more than just lifting one finger. Well, unless of cos you are either Jean Grey or Dr Strange, then that would be another thing altogether.

After ensuring are items are right, its on to loading up the bat mobile, I mean truck. Captain American has his Vibranium shield, Thor with his hammer as well as Wonder Woman and her...costume? Our delivery staff have their very trusty trolleys and tools for moving and assembling furniture.

After a game of Tetris where they arrange the items into the truck, they will then embark on a route planned out for the daily deliveries. Moving from check points to check points, much like what you do for NAPFA tests back in school.

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