Choosing dining table - Tips you wish you knew earlier

Dining table is where you're going to spend a significant amount of time in, considering how space precious Singapore is, dining table will play various roles.  It will be the table where you're having your meals, the table to socialise, the tuition table and many more.

Thus, it is so important to choose your dining table wisely.  While aesthetics play an important role, it is much more than just liking the way your table or chairs look.

Here are our tips you wish you knew earlier:

1) Is it heavy enough?  Have you been on a table where the table shifts even when you are adjusting yourself while sitting down?  After a while, it really gets on your nerves.  Choose tables that are sturdy and heavy to withstand all the activities that you are going to have on the table. 

Heavy table

2) Can you cross your legs?  Everyone loves to feel relaxed sitting on the dining table.  You should be able to cross your legs as and when you like.  Sit on the table with the chairs of your choice, move it forward and backward and try different positions.  Decide on the dining sets only if you feel completely comfortable sitting down.

Crossing leg

3) Does it have sufficient space for everyone? A versatile dining table would accommodate everyone while still leaving some room in case there are guests.  Have a seat with your family members, feel how it is to have people around you.  Do you have elbow rooms?  Are you able to squeeze another stool or so, if the case you have guests?  

4) Is it easy to maintain?  As we interact, eat, study, work on the table, does the table allow us to conduct those activities?  For example, while antique table with natural cracks are beautiful and oh so chic, they may trap food and dust. It may be a real hassle if after each meal you need to clean those gaps.  Consider if you are able to put a glass top on it instead to help you with practicality and maintainability. 

 Reclaimed wood top

White top tables for example might also be easily stained by certain food such as tumeric based delicacies.  Check its stain and finishing to ensure that it is a practical choice for your lifestyle.


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