Bring new life to your desks

So you're sick of your work space, what can we do to spruce it up and to bring it a little more cheer and life into your work area?  No big budget, no big hassle, just a little creativity will do :).

Shift it around

Have you had enough of that wall view?  What about shifting the desk around so you get a naturally carved out office/study space area?  A little change can go a long way!  Plus it does make you feel like a boss!

Desk workspace

Put some green

Remember your mom says greens are good for you?  Well, it is true for the work space too!  Besides the additional oxygen you get during the day time, green plants, flowers or even cacti can bring such cheer on your desk.  Even if you have no capacity to take care of plants, what about some plant painting?

Plants & desks

Desk picture

Change your chair

Giving your chair a makeover, a change or a dress up is another way to bring freshness into your work area.  Add a chair cushion, put a throw on that chair or perhaps treat yourself to a new chair!

Chair cushions

Give it a try, bring some change today!!

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Excellent Night Stand

Love the way they nestled next to my bed. Great Collection for my Bedroom.

Excellent table

Extending the table is a breeze and the mechanism is very smooth. Excellent customer service as well.

Beautiful bronze

Love the way it got that industrial look for the living room. Even better in reality. Great piece of collection for my flower pot.

Great looking TV console

The TV console was well made with solid wood and textural finish. It has a pipe frame which sturdy and gave it a rugged look. It is just what I look for and came at a reasonable price. Deal was hassle free. Awesome experience. Yay.