Drum to your tune

Your home is a canvas to express your creativity, yet, in the constraint of space, we're faced with the challenge of prioritising the items that we truly need v.s. those that we love.  

It's incredibly awesome however, if you are able to find an item that is practical and carry the kind of of style and statement that you exactly want to convey.  In our quest to bring to you choices where you can bring out your individuality, our team has been curating items that are unique.  

The Chinese wooden drum has been a delight to numerous customers, who have used them amongst all as side tables, a children's decorative toy or even a symbol of patriotism. Yes, perhaps it can even join in repercussion some day being a fully functional musical drum in itself. 

Drums accessories

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375 reviews
Nice Rug

Has a luxurious feel!

So pretty!

Color goes with pretty mich anything. Love it!

Been wanting to buy a decorative yet practical mirror and this is a great find!

Good sturdy wooden bed with good finishing. Doesn’t have the raw finish like most wooden beds. Recommended!

Beautiful mirror

The mirror is beautiful. Bought 2 pieces and it looks perfect together. Tks