Good sleep starts with a comfortable mattress

The mattress can play an important role in how we feel throughout the day as we depend on it for a good night rest. We can feel lethargic and restless without a good rest. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and imagine the importance of getting sweet slumber every night of our life. This makes our choice of the mattress so crucial and important.

There are two types of mattresses in Singapore that are very popular, namely, spring and foam (latex and memory foam) mattresses. While both types of mattresses promise us good night sleep, it is important to know the anatomy of a mattress before investing in one.

Spring mattresses contain hundreds of fine metal springs which are excellent conductors and react to magnetic fields. Made without metal springs, latex mattresses are free from harmful Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), which could disrupt a good night rest and has been linked to certain health problems including cancer.

Latex mattresses are anti-dustmite and anti-allergies. It is made from natural latex that is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management. The open-cell structure makes the mattress more breathable than memory foam. It is ideal for allergy sufferers due to its natural hypoallergenic properties, dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies.

Sofzsleep offers premium European latex mattresses which boast high durability, lasting longer than other mattress types. Each Sofzsleep mattress retains its superior properties throughout its lifespan of approximately 10 years or more.

Sofzsleep mattresses have a special micro-latex structure which is ergonomically supportive and helps to relieve pressure point discomfort, thereby enhancing comfort during sleep. It contours and moulds to the shape of the sleeper’s body whilst reducing pressure exerting points. The experience is often described as “sleeping on millions of micro-springs”. The point elasticity of latex allows isolated compression that will not affect the rest of the mattress, hence reducing partner disturbances. 

Sofzsleep mattress covers are easily-removable mattress protectors which maintain the hygiene of your mattress over its entire lifespan. As it is washable/dry cleanable, it significantly reduces the number of allergens and dirt that may settle on your sleep surface, keeping your mattress fresh and clean and free from odor. In addition, your mattresses will be protected from accidental spills, and the spills can be washed away easily. The removable cover allows you to reach and clean the inner sections of your mattresses, to ensure thorough and overall cleanliness of your mattresses. 

Sofzsleep has mattresses suitable for adults, children, and babies. The mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes and firmness ratings. Give Sofzsleep mattress collection a try and discover how it can lull you to sleep better.


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