Headboard in PVC Charcoal Black (BB4) & 6" Divan. Photo credit: King Koil

There are plenty of options for types, colours, materials and styles of headboards and divans available so it is important that you choose what is perfect for your lifestyle. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know about headboards and divans.

[dee.van) noun 
a bed consisting of a base but no footboard or headboard
Typically a bed has 3 elements, mattress + headboard + divan. You also have an option of not having a headboard at all but here's why you should. 


Headboards have a practical use that you may not be aware of. Here are the obvious uses. 
  • Keep pillows from falling 
  • A backrest when sitting up on the bed
  • Gives you a sense of cosiness and protection when sleeping


Typically cushioned headboards are wrapped in fabric or PVC. Which should you choose?
A fabric headboard and divan is geared towards those who prefer a warm and cosy feel. They are soft to the touch. Fabrics will need a little bit more maintenance and care to prevent stains and dust. Give it a good vacuum once in a while. 
A PVC headboard and divan is for those who prefer a sleek look. PVC tend to be cold and firm to the touch. Maintenance is simpler for PVC as you can wipe down any dust and usually stains can be removed with a multi cleaning spray. PVC are water-resistant. The disadvantage of PVC is that there is a possibility of cracking after many years, especially the parts where there are regular stretching like the parts where you lean on. 
When choosing the height of the headboard, choose something that is practical  to you and your space. Choose one that is tall enough to support your head when you are sitting down. There are also storage headboards available, if you need a tiny bit more extra space to store items. 
Headboards are categorise by Basic and Premium. 


Storage or no storage?

There are 6 types of divans to choose from. 


Plain Divan (4"/6"/9")

For a light and clean look, you can opt for a basic divan with no storage. The basic divan comes with metal legs so you are able to vacuum under the bed if need to. An 11" divan and other drawer/storage divans are very close to the floor so you will not be able to clean under the bed.

Sometimes a plain divan is the best option. It lasts longer as there are lesser joints and parts comparing to a storage divan. So if you don't desperately need any extra storage, choose the plain divan.

Drawer Divan 

The drawer divan is a great option as it has 2 drawers which can be accessed to easily without much effort. This extra storage is also large enough and will definitely help create significantly more space in your bedroom. 

Storage Divan (SS193)

A storage divan is lifted from the top of the divan. This gives you a lot of storage using the whole size of the bed base. It is used to store items that are you rarely reach for. It is difficult to access comparing to drawers as lifting the storage cover requires a little bit more effort. 

Storage Divan with drawers (SS198)

This divan has a combination of top-lifted storage and 2 side drawer. This gives you the option of have storing items that you need to access daily and also those rarely used. The drawers are also lockable with drawer pulls. 



Standard Singapore sizes are available. Single, super single, queen and king. Are asian sized beds too small for you? You can also customised to European, American, Australian and even Ikea sizes. Leadtime is usually 3-4weeks on average.



Our website has standardised options. So if you want other styles that are not available to purchase online. You can drop us a WhatsApp (9383 1176) with your customised options and a digital shopping cart will be sent to you to purchase online. To view and try the beds, do visit our showroom at The Grandstand Mall. 

Step 1: Choose a mattress and size

Step 2: Choose a Headboard and Divan type

Step 3: Choose the material and colour 





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Email: cs@nookandcranny.com


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