How to protect your wooden furniture from your pets?

So you've got a new furniture and your dog thinks that it's his new toy!! What are some of the tried and tested ways to prevent this?

Furniture Sprays

Commercial repellent are readily available to discourage our dogs from biting on the wrong item.  Bitter apple sprays for e.g. is commonly used.   Or if you are up to it, make your own.  Drop 5-6 drops lemon oil essential onto a spray bottle filled with water.  However, do remember to test it on a small hidden portion of the furniture to see if the furniture takes it well.  You wouldn't want to destroy your newly purchased furniture as sometimes different polish, stain react differently to the repellent.


Alternative Chewing Toy

Being creative in entertaining the little pet might just do the trick.  If they really do not fancy a chewing toy, what about giving him something old that we have?  An old shoe, old soft toy?

Dog and old shoe


Cooping dogs in the home the whole day causes him to be bored, perhaps one of the reasons why they devour the furniture.  Taking him on daily walks, playing with the dogs and involve him in your daily activities might just be the answer to this.

Walking dog

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