Leather leather oh precious leather

Buying a leather sofa is a significant investment and yes such a discerning choice as well.  Leather is well suited to many different environment, and its natural leather grain is such a beauty.  Genuine leather matures with age and it's a treasure to keep.  So just how do we keep our leather beautiful?  Here are our 3 simple tips:

Keep them away from the sun

If you would only do one thing for your leather sofa, let it be this one!  Leather doesn't do too well under extreme condition, leather may become too dry and crack under harsh sunlight.  Keeping them in cool places away from direct sunlight will help to lengthen their life. 

Sofa and sun

Should you living room has some form of direct sun during part of the day, draw the curtains to protect the sofa.

Clean the sofa regularly

Vacuuming the sofa especially at the crevices or under the cushions is recommended.  Clean spills immediately with soft lint cloth.  Typically leather sofa is very durable, it withstands spills pretty well.  However, do avoid harsh chemical on the sofa, using nail polish remover on a leather sofa for example, is not wise.  We might want to be careful with certain essential oil as well.  

Clean sofa

Moisturise the leather

Just like our skin that tends to go dry after a while, leather sofa needs to be maintained through leather conditioning.  Get professional leather conditioning kit and do it at least every 6-12 months. 

Leather conditioner

It pays to maintain your sofa, they last a long time and gets a lot of character as it matures.


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