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We use lighting for various reasons in our daily lives; some reasons more practical than others. For our living spaces, it is an element that enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood as well as ambiance. 

Lighting can both play a major or minor role in a living space. It could be the main source of light or more for an aesthetic effect. You have to consider what activities take place in the living spaces. Also take note of the style, scale, output and even colour temperature of the lights.

Our new lamps have arrived and we have 2 types, table and standing lamps. Some are quite interesting, read on to find out more about them.

If you are a fan of giraffes, this Giraffe Table Lamp is for you! Its not everyday that you find a lamp that looks like a giraffe is peeking out from a lampshade, do you? 

Our Owl Table Lamp is one that looks both homely and rustic, a cute little piece thats certainly a delight to be added to any living space. Hoot hoot!

The last of the 3 new table lamps that we have, is the Pineapple Table Lamp. Also a gold lamp like the Giraffe Table Lamp, it is not a glossy and vibrant, more of a matte gold coat of paint. Its body has lovely intricate details too. When paired with the White Pineapple Jar, its exceptionally adorable.

Check out the full range of lamps and home decor accessories that we have, not forgetting the complete collection of Furniture for Singapore.

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