National Day 2016

Listening to national anthem may not be an emotional experience for most days, however comes to National Day, it is one day when singing National Anthem or even listening to it on TV brings about the goose bumps.  It is a time when you swell with pride being a part of this gorgeous sunny country.  You may not even be a Singaporean, yet it is a proud moment nonetheless, living and breathing, enjoying such beauty in tropical climate.  

National Day 2016

Nothing short of a miracle, the feat of this small tiny island, made up of diversity of races, languages and religions (sounding like the pledge now), is indeed the works of divine nature.  

In our line where we dress up customers' homes, we are constantly reminded of how far indeed our country has progressed.  Though homes are getting smaller (yes our furniture are getting more compact too), Singaporeans take great delight in furnishing their homes.  It was not too long ago that survival was the country's main concern, having beautiful home certainly was not no 1 or no 2 in the priority list.  

Thank you for including us in your journey of furnishing your homes, what a joy it is to see young couples building their love nest together, to see families viewing furniture together at our warehouse.  We feel even more blessed to seeing our furniture gracing your homes

Wishing all of you a fantastic National Day!! 

Do note that we are closed on 9th August and will be back at the warehouse on 10th August Wednesday.  

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