Pain of paint?

With Chinese New Year just round the corner in a few weeks' time, you might be scrambling to give your home a fresh coat of paint to freshen up the space.

Have you just painted the walls in your home and are feeling uncomfortable or even nauseated by the strong odours? Are you wondering if this is going to cause some health problems if you stayed indoor for a long time? Here's what to watch out for.

Paints are made of chemicals which when exposed to or inhaled over a prolonged period can cause some irritations and health issues.

This is the main reason paint companies have developed a line of “healthier paint” which promises to remove odours and cause little to no irritation.

Some types of this paint are:

  1. Odourless. As the name suggests, this type of paint promises none of the strong chemical odours that are usually suffocating when inhaled. Feel free to stow your oxygen masks or N95 masks away now.
  2. Anti-bacterial. Paint companies have also developed a special kind of paint that promises to fend off bacteria. Usually, anti-bacterial paints are applied on walls and floors of hospitals, kitchens, laboratories and other areas that must maintain high sanitary standards.
  3. Washable. This type of paint is considered less toxic, but it is also less permanent and is in fact washable. This may be applied to coat or paint something temporarily such as backdrops, props and other designs.
  4. Lead-free. Usually applied to wooden furniture such as baby’s crib or playpen, lead-free paint are considered non-toxic and safe even for very young children.

Brands like Nippon/Dulux have all these types of paints. With technology, paint manufacturers are no longer just producing paints to coat your walls, the paints now have additional features; even something thats called the anti-mosquitoes paint (Nippon's Mozzieguard).

Just because there are ‘healthier’ alternatives to the regular paint, does this mean you can already throw precautions out the window? The answer is NO.

Bear in mind that different people have various levels of sensitivity and response to different chemicals. What may seem tolerably odourless to one person may not necessarily be to another. This is especially true if a person has certain allergic reactions to chemicals, such as those with asthma.

So what’s the best way to keep the pain of paint away? There’s only one trick: Let it dry completely!

With enough ventilation in the room, you can dry up the paint thoroughly so it doesn’t emit any of the bad smell and also won’t irritate your eyes.

Enjoy your freshly painted walls with the right paint that gives your interiors a fresh look without irritating your eyes and nose!

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