Sofas at a steal

We believe in offering the best deals to our customers by pricing our furniture at reasonable prices all year round. Repurchases are just about the best feedback to us that you are satisfied with our furniture. So to thank you, our lovely customers, we are going to add value to you with some special deals.

Regarding these special deals, we are kicking them off with a sofa promotion. Currently what we have is a 20% savings for sofa pre-orders but you are our Betty Ross and we are going to hulk smash these savings further with 3 of our fabric sofas.

First contender to face our hulk fists is the Boston sofa, the Boston sofa has an exquisitely tailored, biscuit-tufted back rest. Its plush cushions are comfortable yet sturdy, promising to last for many years to come. However, it stands no chance against our hulk fists and we are laying another 5% discount on it, which will rake up to a total of 25% discount.

Next up, we have the Julius sofa, with clean fashionable lines will be a definite favourite spot for you at your homes. This sofa is particularly compact and cozy, a perfect item for your living rooms. However, we are still going to smash right through with an additional 5% too.

Last but not least in the queue will be the Chicago sofa, a Scandinavian chic sofa that is both comfortable and stylish. No mercy from us for the Chicago sofa either, we are smacking it down with a total of 35% discount.

Hurry grab any of these sofas at a steal from now till the end of September!

Check out our complete Sofa Singapore collection and our full collection of Furniture for Singapore.

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