What Time Is It?

After getting paint works and your flooring all done up, you have probably gotten storage units and various different cabinets as well as wardrobes to keep your stuff neat and tidy.

Now moving on to home decor accessories, if you are looking for clocks that allow you to keep track of time in style, we have 2 new clocks coming soon. They will be available from the month of May onwards.

Let us introduce you to the first new clock we are bringing in, the Rectangular Industrial Wall Clock. Metal usually spells industrial so this timepiece will easily join the ranks of the other industrial stuff that you have at home. Its simple design also makes it easy to match with other home decor items as well as furniture.

With a total of more than 10 different clocks of different styles and sizes for you to hang up on your wall or place on your tables, we are sure you will find one that will suit your home.

Also check out our complete range of clocks as well as home decor accessories. Don't forget to view our full collection of Furniture for Singapore.

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