Dining in the city

City chic with the city extendable dining table.  Featured in Hmlet@Joo Chiat.  Such lovely short term apartment furnished with Nook and Cranny's furniture.

City dining

Choosing an apartment, furnishing an apartment is never an easy task.  Locations, space constraints, differing styles between spouses are just some potential challenges.  Nevertheless, it is always an exciting journey for couples to embark on a shared abode.  It signifies a new beginning and a shared destiny.

Furniture that looks great on its own without much else added onto it, will certainly help in this journey.  City collection is such a collection.  It is handsome on its own.  Even without the additional accessories such as carpet, wall paper etc, it can hold its own ground. 

Its beautiful wooden grain is a natural allure, its metal frame is an immediate fashion statement.  It's no wonder it's been such a favourite!


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