Outdoor Furniture Singapore Inspirations

When it comes to dressing upyour outdoor patio or balcony, many have their own definitions of what makes their patio or balcony cosy and relaxing. Some prefer their outdoor space to be styled like those of a villa, while some prefer something more homely and simple. Whatever your choice may be, there is no right or wrong. Go crazy when styling if that makes you feel at home and cosy.

Here is a photo shared by @styledbypt of her client's balcony featuring our bohemian theme mirrors.

What a relaxing spot, dressy yet chill at the same time!


Photo courtesy: @styledbypt.

Check out our outdoor furniture singapore collections and Home Decor Singapore Accessories to style your balcony! 

Check our full furniture for Singapore collection or some of our favourite collections: Outdoor furniture, dining tables Singapore, sofa singapore, Home decor Singapore.

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