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Antique Expedition Wall Art
Arurog Mirror
Arurog Mirror
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Aspen Mirror
Aspen Mirror
Atelier Mirror
Atelier Mirror
Black Full Length Mirror
Distressed White Full Length Mirror
Floral Hand-Painted Wall Plaque - Pink
Hexagon Wall Mirror (Set of 3)
Landmark Wall Art
Round Sunburst Mirror
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Round Sunburst Mirror
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Round Sunburst Mirror - Small (Set of 2)
Vincent Wall Photo Display
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If you haven't used mirrors in your homes, you're missing out on the best decorative accessories you can use.  Mirrors are great to add an element of brightness or light into your home, place them directly opposite a window to bring additional light into your living space.  Or put them along a narrow corridor or entry way, to create an illusion of space.  It is a great way to decorate while adding practical elements.  Check out our blog on how to use mirrors in your home

Depending on your house decor theme, you may also play around with the various mirror frames.  The sunburst mirror for example is great to complement glass mirrored tables, capitalizing on similar tone of gold.  Put the sunburst mirror alongside a dark wood console will also brighten up the area.  

Use the long full length mirror as a pragmatic addition, always useful to check oneself before leaving the house, ensuring that your outfit matches your shoes.  Look through our selections of full length mirrors, available in various colors and designs.  

Marry wooden elements in your home with metal framed mirrors, immediately create a chic room with our industrial design atelier mirror.  Check out also the aspen mirror which plays around with wood's natural contours to bring to you a classic naturalistic mirror design.  

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