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 The founder of Sofzsleep has years of expert knowledge in the making of latex mattresses. The pursuit of the optimal sleep experience brings Sofzsleep to harvest the purest materials to create your Sofzsleep latex mattress.

Sofzsleep Latex mattress is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management. It is ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers due to its natural hypoallergenic, dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies.

Sofzsleep latex is certified internationally to be free of harmful substances, chemicals, and toxins and is safe even for babies.

Made without metal springs, Sofzsleep latex mattresses are free from harmful Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), which could cause headaches, anxiety, nausea, and fatigue.

With a special micro-latex structure, Sofzsleep latex mattresses are ergonomically supportive and help to relieve pressure point discomfort, thereby enhancing your comfort during sleep. Sofzsleep latex mattress contours and moulds to the shape of the sleeper’s body whilst reducing pressure exerting points. The experience is often described as “sleeping on millions of micro-springs”.

Sofzsleep premium latex mattresses boast high durability, lasting longer than other mattress types.

Whether you have slept on your Sofzsleep latex mattress for one year, or eight years, you will hardly feel any difference in its height, texture, resilience factor nor firmness. Each Sofzsleep latex mattress retains its superior properties throughout its lifespan of approximately 10 years or more.

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