Atelier dining set Photo Reviews

Thinking of getting the Atelier Dining set?  Check out how the set looks in other customers' homes.  Characterized by running pipes that gives the industrial look a chic masculine look, Atelier dining set is never to disappoint!


Looks good & sturdy

Atelier Dining set

"The Atelier Dining Set looks good, it feels sturdy, and we have gotten many compliments on it! It goes very well with our industrial / scandavian theme! Nook & Cranny will also set it up for you so it is really convenient.

Highly recommended!"
From: Ryan Tan
Received on 30th Jan 2016.


And so is everyone who has come over to my new pad. I only wonder whether I should have bought the medium one :)
Thank u.

Leila Abu Bakar

24 Dec 2015

Atelier dining set


Check the Atelier dining set or browse through our dining set collections.  View also our complete furniture for Singapore selections.  

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