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Home Trends 2020

from Royal Luxury to Boho Tribal

Our Top Picks


|1| Natural Tropico |

Bringing nature into the home. Mix natural materials and colours to achieve this look. Choose natural wood for furniture and leather finishes. Accessorise with plenty to plants & greenery into the home and be close to nature 

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a. Karl Walnut Coffee Table

b. Tropical Tray Set

c. Modern Palm Cushion 

d. Gold Bird Candle Holders

e. Beetle Velvet Chair


|2| Breezy Blues |

Inspired by Coastal & Mediterranean interiors, this crisp look can elevate a minimalist style that can seem uninteresting to some. Adding bold shades of blues brings freshness and relaxation to the home. Who doesn't want to live in a vacation. 

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a. Axel Coffee Table

b. Velvet Jonas Armchair

c. Indigo & White Tray Set

d. Wall Wood Carvings Set

e. Rope Strap Mirror

f. Ocean Marble Wall Art 

g. Ombre Cushion


|3| Golden Rose

This classic look is a popular choice and represents luxury. To update the look, mix shiny golds, rose golds and even silver. Combine this look like textured blacks and whites.

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1. Antique Gold Coffee Table 

2. Boston Sofa

3. Herring Rug

4. Silver Tray

5. Gold Renaissance Lamp

6. Dolomite Pineapple Jar


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