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Desk Mood Board 

|1| Study Desk Moodboard |

It is the new norm now for almost everyone to be working from home in the current context. Thus it is highly important to have a desk and chairs that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also comfortable since you will be spending time more often at home doing your work and attending countless meetings. Look no further with NookandCranny home office furniture collection. You will be spoilt for choices. They are exquisitely made and finely designed for you to cherish..

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a. Barbier Desk

b. City Desk

c. Finn Desk

Minimalist moodboard concept

|1| Minimalist |

Almost everyone is very familiar with the concept of minimalism, which includes selecting their furniture in the most basic form without too many embellishments. Minimalism can be applied to anything from lifestyle to interior design and lifestyle.

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a. Yucatan Sofa

b. Hardy Oak Sideboard

c. Seattle Bookshelf



Industrial style

|1| Industrial |

Always love that industrial look? But do not know where to begin or what furniture to shop for? Be inspired with this look. The colour palettes we chose for this Inso are mainly brown and dark colours. We incorporated with metal furnitures like the rustic mirror and floor lamp. Which is sure to give the edgy touch to your space.

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a. William Sofa

b. William Arm chair

c. Karl Walnut Table

d. City Bookshelves with door

e. Metal Frame mirror,Distressed finish

f. Sweet Mesh FloorLamp

Luxury Retreat

|2| Luxury Retreat |

Since we all can't travel to unwind, why not style your space with this Luxury Retreat theme Inspo? Colour palettes for this theme mainly focus on the basic earthy colours. We incorporated wooden theme furniture with green plants to remind you of that Villa you love to stay at.

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a. Huxton Fabric Sofa

b. Woodland Floor Lamp

c. Seattle Coffee Table

d. Retro Mother of pearl

e. Swinging Lines Carpet

Modern Contemporary

|3| Modern Contemporary |

Love the modern look but hate the bulky designs that comes with it? Here are some inspiration for you to follow for a Minimal airy look that will sure to make your living room look spacious.

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a. Ivar Fabric Sofa

b. Flodka Shelve

c. I feel so soft cushion

d. April Cushion


|4| Natural Tropico |

Bringing nature into the home. Mix natural materials and colours to achieve this look. Choose natural wood for furniture and leather finishes. Accessorise with plenty to plants & greenery into the home and be close to nature 

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a. Karl Walnut Coffee Table

b. Tropical Tray Set

c. Modern Palm Cushion 

d. Gold Bird Candle Holders

e. Beetle Velvet Chair


|5| Breezy Blues |

Inspired by Coastal & Mediterranean interiors, this crisp look can elevate a minimalist style that can seem uninteresting to some. Adding bold shades of blues brings freshness and relaxation to the home. Who doesn't want to live in a vacation. 

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a. Axel Coffee Table

b. Velvet Jonas Armchair

c. Indigo & White Tray Set

d. Wall Wood Carvings Set

e. Rope Strap Mirror

f. Ocean Marble Wall Art 

g. Ombre Cushion


|6| Golden Rose

This classic look is a popular choice and represents luxury. To update the look, mix shiny golds, rose golds and even silver. Combine this look like textured blacks and whites.

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1. Antique Gold Coffee Table 

2. Boston Sofa

3. Herring Rug

4. Silver Tray

5. Gold Renaissance Lamp

6. Dolomite Pineapple Jar


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