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| Small Living Room Moodboard |
Is it just us or are Singapore homes getting smaller and smaller? Well, smaller homes does not mean it should be less luxurious or beautiful. Keep to a strict colour palette to avoid a cluttered look. Choose high quality accessories and also large storage furniture so you don't get the urge to keep buying more pieces to keep you satisfied. Quality over quantity.
Here's the top picks for space-saving furniture but NOT compromising on style.

| Calming Neutrals Moodboard |

Monochromatic or minimalism does not have to be bland. Add some globally inspired furniture to elevate the styling to another level. Add home decor that you love but remember to keep within the colour palette to avoid a cluttered look. Explore different textures of the same hue to create depth.

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a. Ivar Modular Sofa

b. Casablanca Coffee Table

c. Seattle Collection


| Outdoor Sanctuary Moodboard |

Being outdoors will always refresh and excite the senses. Create a sanctuary at your balcony or backyard for you to relax and step aways from the stresses of daily life.

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a. Josefine 3 Seater Sofa

b. Elias Daybed

c. Reina Vase Lamp

| Luxurious Master Bedroom Moodboard |

A luxurious master bedroom creates a cosy sophisticated that makes you feel relax. Natural materials like leather, marble and wood are synonymous with luxury. Velvet and gold are also traditionally more opulent as well. 

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a. Coco Jethro Leather Bed Frame

b. William Jethro Leather Armchair

c. Khalessi Handmade Bedside Drawer


Industrial style

| Industrial Moodboard |

Always love that industrial look? But do not know where to begin or what furniture to shop for? Be inspired with this look. The colour palettes we chose for this Inso are mainly brown and dark colours. We incorporated with metal furnitures like the rustic mirror and floor lamp. Which is sure to give the edgy touch to your space.

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a. William Sofa

b. William Arm chair

c. Karl Walnut Table

d. City Bookshelves with door

e. Metal Frame mirror,Distressed finish

f. Sweet Mesh FloorLamp


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