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Sofzsleep goal is to provide the best value for customers – at every step of the production process, customers are of utmost priority. Sofzsleep continually strive to ensure customers satisfaction by putting the greatest emphasis on the quality of their products. 
  Inside of sofa sleep mattress  SOFT SLEEP MATTRESS SINGAPORE
Sofzsleep mattress Collection are available in a wide range of sizes and firmness ratings.Visit Sofzsleep Mattress Gallery at the Grandstand unit #03-07, Choose from Grand selection, Trilogy Collection, Chiro collection and Delight Choices. Discover how you will be sleeping great in bed!
Speak to our friendly specialists at Sofzsleep Mattress Gallery, located inside Nook and Cranny Showroom.  
Visit us at THE GRANDSTAND MALL, #03-07 to view the Sofzsleep collection.
How to get to our showroom at The Grandstand Mall :


The founder of Sofzsleep has years of expertise knowledge in the making of mattresses, having worked in the Belgian mattress supplies industry for over 21 years. In a mere span of 7 years, the startup grew steadily in size, with over 158 distribution points in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

Mattresses today could be said to be rather excessive and over-complicated, laden with advertising gimmicks and stuffed with a host of ambiguous, likely synthetic materials that do not aerate well. Transparency and mattresses are not often found in the same sentence. There is a visual trend among many manufacturers to produce “fatter” or thicker mattresses to appear plusher and more impressive but can be deceiving in terms of providing actual comfort and support. It is not unusual for mattress manufacturers to make their mattresses look extra plush by adding layers of oddball substances such as polyurethane foam, horse hair and even coconut husk. Thickness is often just a visual ploy designed to get people to think they’re buying a luxurious mattress when it could very well be questionable materials wrapped in a pretty, fixed cover.

Sofzsleep wants to change that. We believe in being upfront and honest about what we use in our mattresses. The pursuit for the optimal sleep experience brings us close to nature, harvesting the purest materials to create your Sofzsleep mattress. Each material we source has its own properties that enhance your sleeping comfort. Afterall, sleep is our natural state, so it is only natural that we use the purest materials that nature offers to craft that perfect sleep!

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