3 Essential items in your powder room

Powder room a.k.a the bathroom that serves your visitors, is an important aspect of your home.  It welcomes the visitors and creates a kind of ambience for the home that will leave a lasting impression.  What then can we dress up the powder room to send a welcoming message?

3 items are essential in doing this:

Hand towel

Preparing a hand towel for guests is a generous gesture.  They make visitors feel welcomed and appreciated.  Use good quality towels in natural shades for a classic look.  Remember to prepare additional towels should you be expecting more than a couple visitors.

Hand towel

Alternatively, prepare paper towels for your visitors, place them on trays ready for use for your visitors.  This is especially practical should you have a party as towels tend to get wet after a while. 

Don't forget to also prepare a pretty dustbin for your visitors to throw the paper towels into.  Generally a dustbin with cover will work better for the restroom area as it needs to also contain sanitary napkins where necessary.  As such the covered dustbin are so much more discreet than an open one. 

Hand soap

There is so much that a hand soap communicates, a fragrance specially selected make visitors feel valued and special.  The lingering smell of lavender for example, puts everyone in a much more relaxed mood.  Including a hand lotion is especially thoughtful.  

A home made bar soap can also be such a unique touch to your home as well.  Essentially, with these little things, a visit to the bathroom can be an enjoyable experience. 

Hand soap


Having a pleasant smell in the bathroom is definitely a must, should you use air freshener or candles?  Candles are beautiful and has a more authentic smell, however depending on your bathroom space, there may not be sufficient area to put the glowing candles.  

Should you have the luxury of space, candles are certainly charming.  Keep the candles glowing and the electric lights off when the bathroom is not in use.  It brings such romantic feel to the whole area.

Bathroom candles


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