Clocks on the wall

Clocks are essential at home, use them to make a statement not just to tell the time.  Use them as a decorative wall art.  

Antique wall clock

Choose Contrasting colour

Choosing a natural colour clock will spell boring in your home, try contrasting colour schemes that bring out the uniqueness of the clock.  Red and black, orange and grey for example, or coloured clock on plain wall.  

Using more than one wall clock will also add style to your home, bringing a quirky touch to your bare wall.  

Contrast wall clock

Go for size

Make a statement with oversized clocks.  There are even clocks where you can install as a wall masterpiece.  Customise it to your preference, you can even disguise it as a wall art, imagination is your limit. 

Large clock

Go for theme

To compliment the style in your home, you may want to go along with the house's theme.  Whether it be an antique theme, industrial setting or simply classic.  Clocks are inexpensive and you can change them should you grow weary of them.

Roman wall clock


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